2019 Beach Essentials

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By Jenn Kovalski

Whether you are a seasoned beach bum or simply the occasional patron, it still happens: you arrive at the beach and realize that you forgot an essential item for a great day. Over the years, I have been able to specify and narrow down the basics needed to maximize a beach day without having to make multiple trips to and from your car. Here are my findings:

It all starts with a beach bag that is made from some sort of mesh material. This is so you don’t bring all of the beach’s sand back home with you, as it sifts out instead. Of course, make sure your beach bag contains some sunscreen, bug spray and a yummy snack or two.

A great chair is the Tommy Bahama backpack cooler chair, which allows you to carry the chair on your back, freeing up your hands for other items. It’s light to carry and has a bunch of pockets as well as a ‘cooler’ attached. Another nice chair is the Ostrich. It is a totally different species, but it is very comfortable and ideal for the taller folks.

I frequently see people battling with an umbrella all day, beginning with carrying it on to the beach and setting it up, to it blowing away and almost impaling a sun dazed fellow nearby. The Sport-Brella is a little umbrella that clamps onto the side of your beach chair and allows you to grab some shade. I have seen them on Amazon or at Bed Bath & Beyond.

A cold drink is always important to a great beach day. In my experience, I have yet to come across a cooler better than a Yeti. They can certainly be expensive, but boy, do they work. I recently saw an experiment testing all of the major cooler brands and Yeti came out the clear winner, no contest. The same goes for their drink thermoses.

Some of my favorite beach games include “spike ball” or the water skipper ball. Both are entertaining for kids and adults.

Some people listen to tunes at the beach, but I am a reader. My Kindle is the only item I really need to keep myself entertained. I used to be adamant about reading actual, physical books however I have come to learn that the Kindle is better than a paper book, trust me. Some of my recent reads that I highly recommend:


Bad Blood by: John Carreyrou

Five Presidents: My Extraordinary Journey with Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford by: Clint Hill

Mrs. Kennedy and Me by: Clint Hill

A Little Thing Called Life: On Loving Elvis Presley, Bruce Jenner, and Songs in Between by: Linda Thompson

For those with grandkids, kids or simply an individual that ends up with a ton of gear, get yourself an all-terrain beach cart or wagon. They are made for days like this-- even down to the wheels being crafted for the soft sand.

If you have a cool beach gear item or a great book recommendation, reach out and let me know-- I would love to hear it!