7 Out of 7

US Wealth Napolitano |

It’s a wrap – at least on the wedding season for 2014. This year has been full of fun and enjoyable events and somehow we also fit in all 7 weddings. Each wedding was a successful event with relationships flourishing and personalities on center stage. One of the things I observed was that each wedding was unique and had to balance multiple personalities. At the end of the day, planning for the big day is not too dissimilar to planning for financial independence.

When I spoke with anyone that had their hands in the wedding planning – the details were remarkable. Each minute was planned and the themes carried over from rehearsal dinner, to the welcome bags, right into the reception. It was eye opening what was happening behind the scenes even when I was in the wedding party.  I am sure each person reading this has helped plan or had a wedding themselves and I bet you would have a hard time disagreeing that it is a lot of work!

Bryant Alumni.jpgIn both a wedding and planning for financial independence; no matter how much planning is done, something always different unfolds along the way. This can be rain, a fire alarm going off, the ceremony starting late, and many other small items we forget about as we all get caught up in the moment.  This can relate to what we are experiencing right now; volatility is rising, elections are on the horizon, and geopolitical unrest seems to have reached a recent peak.

But no matter what seemed to happen on the big day, the ceremony went on, the bride walked down the aisle, and the reception was always a blast. You can take a look at any of the small missteps and have some doubt on how they will get through this – but 7 out of 7 times it moved forward.

Just as we plan for a financial independence date and keeping financially independent after you retire – take a step back and look at the big picture. Don’t get caught up in a week of turmoil, a quick market correction, or an unfavorable headline in the news. Everything will move forward and we will handle it together at that time. Because no matter where you are and what plan you have, something will always come along that will make you question it (even for just a minute). But with a good flexible plan and working with people you trust, you will get through any little hurtle ahead.

Next year we already have 3 weddings in the books with probably a few more invites on the way; the first in Atlanta, the next at a Vineyard in New Hampshire, and the last in Connecticut. I am part of two of the weddings and the planning is in full force for them right now. The show will go on and I hope to have some wonderful pictures to share after. Until next time…

This article was written by Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®