90 Degrees in the Shade- Real Hot

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST


I promised in the zero degree days of winter never to complain about summer again, and I will keep that promise. As the lawn crisps up right in front of your eyes and heat waves dominate, you realize what a long dry spell this has been… for most of the area, that is.

Like many, I love watching the weather. The apps we get for free are pretty darn accurate and I for one, find it cool to know exactly what time the clouds intend to shed their H2O on us. In the Boston area, there have been many thunderstorms around us in the past two weeks, but it seems that the south shore, and Scituate in particular, has missed most of the prolific downpours.

As the result, the little lawn that we have is crisping up, and looking more like a fall harvest than a summer lawn. We currently have a watering ban in effect, and I’m not willing to spend my mornings before 9am and evenings after 5pm hand watering the lawn. Let it brown! The good news is that in the landscape design there are way more

planting beds than lawn. Thankfully, we used mostly drought resistant plants and everything in the beds looks pretty darn good. The butterfly bushes look like trees with huge purple flowers about to peak any day.

It’s been so crispy that it was even too hot for the beach. We tried to take 2 year old Ellie to the beach, and we lasted less than an hour. It was stifling, with little to no breeze. We went back to the house, a Blow Up Pool in the shade, a couple of cold ones for Papa, and everyone was happy again.

In less than two weeks, the Crown Jewel of our family summer is happening. The once larger wedding for my daughter Laura is going to happen on August 8, 2020. It will not be big, we are having a Micro-Wedding… brothers, sisters and parents. Small, but Laura and Craig will be glad to get this done and celebrate with those most important to them. I’ll have more about that experience in our next conversation.

Stay cool, and remember to give Jenn a good luck ribbing when you call as she gets ready to walk down the aisle later this month.