Aches, Pains and No Sleep

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: Tom Fletcher, CFP®

The last week or so my throat has been a little scratchy, my stomach and head have been hurting a little bit. I’m thinking about calling my doctor, but I doubt if they’ve got any cure for my Mega Million’s fever.

After I realized last night that someone other than me had won the jackpot, most of my symptoms quickly disappeared and were replaced by remorse that I spent the money on those darn lottery tickets in the first place. 

The lottery holds very little interest for me and I’m a very infrequent participant. With odds of winning Mega Millions somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 in 258 million (according to the Washington Post) it’s pretty evident it’s just not going to happen for me. I don’t want to sound greedy, but I don’t really begin to get interested until the prize money soars above somewhere in the vicinity of the $600M level.  My reasoning here is that someone has to win right? I’ve got zero chance without a ticket in the first place, so I might as well just buy a handful and donate to the winner and just hope all that money doesn’t ruin his/her/their life forever. Personally I’d be pretty happy with just a minuscule million after taxes.

The tricky part though is being unemotional as possible about these things after buying the stupid tickets.  It’s important not to go down that slippery slope and start fantasizing (too much) about what I would do if I won over a billion dollars. You’re not going to catch me telling my boss to go pound sand or start looking at brand new red Lamborghinis, until after I win. Ok, I was definitely joshing about my boss (and the Lamborghini)!!!

Let’s move on to my next ailment and that’s Red Sox fever. Unlike the lottery there’s definitely something physical to this because all these late night playoff games are killing me. I feel I literally haven’t slept in weeks. Forget about a workout the next morning. It’s bad enough that they end after 11:00. The trouble is I get so worked up with the drama and tactical maneuvers that after the game is over I can’t settle down to sleep. I guess that’s the best part about playoff baseball; it’s riveting. Regardless of all the tension and insomnia, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

My prediction: Red Sox win in 6 with Chris Sale as MVP. Go Sox!