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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

Summer in Boston seems to be in full swing with the heat, humidity, and tanned skin starting to sink in. While I do enjoy the warmth, I do not enjoy the humidity – unless I am on the water (lake or ocean!). Ashley and I want to make sure we take advantage of all that we have around us and over the past few weekends we have done some new, enjoyable activities. One of my favorites was seeing an Off-Broadway musical at the Boston Opera House, offering a vivid flashback to my childhood, as we saw Disney’s Aladdin.

Having not visited the Opera House in who knows how long, I forgot how majestic and large the interior of the building is. Ashley decided to get us tickets somewhat last minute, given how big and popular the show is. Tickets started going on sale 9-10 months prior, so she found a pretty good deal on StubHub. If I asked you how many rows back from the stage row ‘BB’ would be (in the lower section), most would say somewhere in the late 20’s, after all the single digit rows—boy, were we surprised….

When we asked the attendant to help direct us to our seats, they kept sending us closer and closer to the front of the stage. All of a sudden, we realized that we had unknowingly purchased 2nd row seats, dead center-stage (for the price of balcony seats nonetheless)! I have gone to several plays and performances, but have never sat this close. You could see the beads of sweat and the vibrations of the vocal cords of the performers. Given the proximity to the stage, we didn’t need any amplification to hear the music either. It was a magical experience and it brought me back to when I was a kid. The Genie was particularly hysterical and truly brought the entire show together.

One of Ashley’s co-workers was also at the show and knew the physical therapist that was traveling with the Aladdin production. Stemming from the connection, we were fortunate enough to meet Aladdin himself and get a back stage tour. We got to see everything from the props, staging areas, costumes, and much more. The scale and detail of all that went into everything was jaw dropping.

In an effort to validate this unforgettable experience, we were able take a picture on stage – which I have never done before! And with the lyrics still buzzing in my head, it took all the power in me not to sing “A whole new world” out towards the clearing audience (and therefore getting smacked), so I saved it for the walk home. If you have any similar stories to share, we would love to hear from you.

Until next time…