Alex Gets Engaged!

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

It was a very exciting weekend for me and one to remember for the ages. After meeting Ashley 3,008 days ago (New Year’s Eve 2007), we are delighted to announce our engagement. Naturally, I had every last detailed planned out but had to make a few adjustments right at the buzzer.

This plan has been in the works since shortly after the start of 2016. After a decision was made on the ring, I very quickly came to the conclusion that I would be proposing on Saturday, March 26th. The plan was to head to lunch in Beacon Hill, propose, than head to a surprise party with our close family and friends. Unfortunately (at least for me), Ashley decided that same Saturday morning would be the day she wanted to finish her presentation for her clinical.  

Just as Ashley started hitting her groove and making significant progress on the presentation I started begging her to get lunch with me. About an hour after I had already planned to be at lunch is when we finally arrived at Charles Street in Beacon Hill (yikes). When we arrived to one of our favorite breakfast/lunch spots we noticed an hour plus wait and they do not take reservations. Quick side note, the reason that I had such a strict timeline is that I hired a photographer and she was waiting at the proposal location to catch it in action. Time was very tight, so we ended up bailing on lunch and I started not care as much about keeping the secret.

Dragging Ashley against her will, we took a detour within Beacon Hill to the picturesque Acorn Street. As I proposed, the photographer caught everything in action, tears started flowing and she actually said yes! I was concerned she was going to start tell me to stop or get up – luckily she did not and I only fumbled on half of my words, not all of them.

After a priceless moment for the two of us, the first call (as most would imagine) was to her mother and father. Right after the call, Ashley realized we were not going to see them that day to celebrate. Then she pieced together that we would not see any family or friends. I had to continue the streak of lying and pretended to cancel dinner plans, invite people over the house, and do a ton of crazy things.

I eventually got Ashley back in the mood to celebrate, and we arrived at one of our favorite restaurants only to be welcomed by our parents, siblings, and friends. It wasn’t exactly how I planned it, but I would not change a thing about how it actually happened. It was absolutely a magical day and I have attached a few pictures (because it is hard to catch all of the joy in a short article).

The planning process has not started yet (which both mothers are not happy to hear) as we are currently enjoying our new engagement. With Ashley graduating with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy program in early May, I am sure things will start to come together shortly after that. Stay tuned as I will have a lot to write about!

Until next time…