Annual Gift List 2020

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By: Jenn Kovalski


Here it is folks, your annual Holiday gift idea list!

Holidays will likely look different this year in some capacity for just about everyone. Since so many small businesses are feeling the sting of COVID-19 now, more than ever, I added as many of them as possible to the list. Many of these small shops have moved online, so ordering there is possible. A dollar spent there means a whole lot more to them and the local community than one spent on Amazon.

Many families this year, (mine included) have already planned for a simpler Christmas, which can be nice. I love exchanging gifts with my loved ones, but it really can get blown out of proportion. So if it takes a pandemic to re-emphasize what is important about the holidays, so be it. If you have a favorite local shop, please let me know, I would love to learn some new spots!


The Golden Cod- This is on my own personal list this year, these hand carved fish are interior or exterior friendly. I have asked for one to hang above my front door.

Bettina Lesieur- My all-time favorite artist. As a kid I took lessons from her for many years. Her work ranges from MA coastal, to Europe, Florida, and tropical scenes, portraits and on.

Another favorite and local artist is Kathy Cotter. Kathy is a second cousin, who found her passion for art later in life. She owns The Front Street Grille in Provincetown, MA and she uses some seriously cool colors and mediums in her art.

The Boston’s Chef Table Book- For a Boston foodie, a book containing some amazing Boston restaurants’ legendary recipes. 

The Red Wagon- For the grandkids, kids, and little humans. The CUTEST sweaters ever. Another store is Cou Cou Boston, they also have some old school wooden toys that are so cute, it makes it ok if they are left out and not put away.

The Oyster Candle Company- Originally these oyster candles were going to grace the tables at my wedding. These make great thank you gifts, gifts for friends, neighbors, teachers, dog walkers and on and on.

Etsy is the fairy godmother of all things local, handmade etc. There is no shortage of supporting someone’s small business there. If you know someone who has moved, there are Etsy businesses who offer home portraits, so if you know someone who just bought their dream home, or who sold their treasured family home, that is a thoughtful gift, it can even be done on an ornament. You can get a beloved family recipe transposed onto a cutting board. It looks even sweeter if you have the original recipe writer’s handwriting. You can also have a beloved pet painted.

Hilliard’s Chocolates: Some hometown pride for Alex. Little old Hilliard’s chocolates of Hanover, MA has made it to the big timewith a feature on CNBC. They are delicious, and make a thoughtful gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Ooni Pizza Oven: Calling all home chefs, grillers, bakers. This is beyond a grill. It’s beyond a smoker. It’s an outdoor pizza oven. I have a friend who uses this who is also a silent owner in a pizza company- he doesn’t mess around with his equipment. Surprisingly affordable, and has many different options. .

A personalized “Where’s Waldo” by Yappy except using the family dog, or cat.

The Skylight Frame: This is pretty cool, you send photos not to someone’s device or phone, but to a loved one’s skylight frame. This is most ideal for folks who are not super tech savy, or are not into email and texting. All they need to do is connect the frame to WIFI and enjoy the photos.