Apple Picking

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Autumn is a wonderful time of year as we watch the transition from summer to fall. Technically, the first day of autumn (Autumnal Equinox) was yesterday, Tuesday September 23rd. According to the dictionary, autumn is the season when crops and fruits are gathered and leaves fall from trees. While the farm stands and grocery stores have all the seasonable fruits, we seem to integrate apples and pumpkins into anything edible. The kid in me simply translates this time of year into apple picking season.

Since the fall cleanup is basically non-existent in the city, we spend more time debating on where to go apple picking. It typically ends with someone’s feelings being hurt (mine), but nonetheless the process is a blast. You may ask how we determine the location of where to pick the said apples. The answer usually revolves around who we want to spend the time with to enjoy the outdoors. Apple orchard selections are endless in New England so I have included links to three websites that have helped us determine where to go in the past:

Metro Boston, Southern NH, Western MA:

South Eastern MA & RI:


After we finish picking and cleaning the apples, the next dilemma starts - how are we going to store and use all of these apples?  Some ideas that we have used in the past are to integrate them in pies, caramel dipping’s (with nuts and candy), or grill the apples and toss them onto a salad. One of my favorite memories with my Nana was using the non-edible apples for (non-postage) stamps. We would cut them in half, dip them in some paint, and stamp them onto construction paper.

Apple picking has always brought along great memories with family and friends. If you end up going this year, we ask that you take a great picture of someone trying to get the apple that is out of reach and send it along to us. If you include one of the freshly picked apples as well, we would not be upset!

It is possible to get ‘appled out’ but luckily we are on the eve of pumpkin carving season. You can hear about locations as well as some great stories next month. Until next time…

This article was written by Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®