Apple Picking and Home Projects

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

Since my last article, the Fall weather has really started to sink into New England. The days are crisp and the mornings/evenings carry a chill. I remember this same weather as a kid when my mom and I arrived to the soccer field at 8:00 A.M. to watch my brothers each Saturday morning.

Just like a good New Englander, the annual apple picking trip has already been taken, and we now have enough apples until New Year’s (or at least it feels that way). We usually take a trek to Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island to pick apples, but this year we went to Nashoba Valley Winery and Apple Orchard ( They not only had a wonderful wine tour and apple orchards, but they also had a very large open picnic area that you could enjoy the fall atmosphere while eating a homemade meal from the picnic basket. If you are in the area, or haven’t picked apples yet this year I highly recommend it. It is very family and dog friendly.

This year’s apple picking was a nice break from the demolition/construction at home. They officially started on the 1st of October and everything is happening at a rapid pace. If you remember from my last article, we started the process to fix the ice damage caused by the epic storms last winter, and after many delays, the contactor finally broke ground. It is always a nice reminder of the value of a professional when you cannot do it yourself. The contractors are ripping down walls and the ceiling to replace them. And while I am temporarily relocated out of the unit, during the construction, I decided to be the handy-man that I am, and do a few projects myself.

It is hard for me to admit, but about a year ago when I replaced the vanity, shelving, and paint in the bathroom, my father suggested that I also re-do the tile floor. I was a brand new homeowner and it made me nervous that I would be taking on too big of a project. At the time, the floor was ‘good enough.’ Against my father’s advice (who has made similar decisions dozens of times in his life, and learned the hard way), I decided not to do it. So, when I asked him for his help replacing the old bathroom tile floor and putting in the new one, you can only imagine what the ‘I told you so’ look was. Long story short, we finished the new tile floor this weekend and it turned out great.

As you read this article, the plaster crew is finishing up the ceiling and walls while the painters start to prepare the condo for a 3 day paint job. They will be followed by the floor crew to repair, sand, and refinish the wood floors right before the move-back- in date. My temporary home is very small, so any suggestions on additional outdoor activities are welcome!

Until next time…