Beach Gear 101

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: Jenn Kovalski

I have been a solidified beach bum since I was 16, had my driver’s license and a beach parking permit. Over the years, I have spent a fair amount of money on beach gear. I have also picked up a few strategies to ensure a smooth outing while there. Here are a few of my beach essentials…

My first necessity is a beach chair that reclines all of the way down and can rest in the sand. This allows you to be able to lie flat on your stomach if you would like.

My second necessity is a cooler. There is nothing worse than being parched in the sun on an 85* day. While pricey, in my experience the YETI coolers are by far the best. They have several different sizes of coolers and there are soft and hard shell types. My boyfriend has one, and it has literally kept drinks ice cold for several days. I often freeze a few bottles of water and Gatorade to bring. It doubles as ice in the cooler, takes longer to melt, and you can have a cold drink all day.

While on this list as #3, it is a non-negotiable, sunscreen. I am not a fan of the sprays, while convenient and quick to apply, I think it is kind if a rip off. When you watch someone else spray themselves, all I see is how much spray is not landing on their skin and blowing away in the wind. I also find I will get a random splotchy sunburn when I use it because it doesn't’t always land on your skin evenly.

Another good thing to keep on hand is bug spray. When the green heads, and horse flies come out, this is your best friend.

I read a lot in the summer, and my Kindle is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. You can see the screen perfectly! I am currently reading Amanda Knox’s memoir about her time in Italy and being wrongfully accused and convicted of murder before a judge ultimately overturned the ruling. Another recommendation is The Gardner Heist, which is a true story about the famous art heist at the museum in Boston.

Lastly, always have about $20 in cash. This allows you to go to the ice cream truck or a snack shack!