The best thing I ever ate

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By: Alex Weiss, CFP®


John Nap likes to say that there are two people in this world: Those that live to eat, and those that eat to live. Well, I am on the live to eat train and wanted to share a few of my all-time favorite dishes.

The first that tops my list is made by my wonderful wife. Ashley makes the most delicious eggplant parmesan. It is one of my favorites for a few reasons. First, what Italian boy doesn’t love red sauce? I mean, c’mon! Throw in some warm, fresh baked bread to soak up the leftover sauce… delish! Ashley uses fresh mozzarella cheese that she melts to perfection- every. single. time. The last ingredient that makes this dish so amazing? Nostalgia! This was the very first meal Ash cooked for me when we first met over a decade ago, and when she makes it now, it always brings me back down memory lane. 

Now is that the best thing I ever ate? I’d like to break this down into another category. The best indulgent treat that I have ever tasted is the sticky bun from Flour Bakery. I

do not get it as often as I’d like to on account of my waist line, but I have never tasted anything close, let alone in the same stratosphere as the sticky bun from Flour Bakery. The owner and chef, Joanne Chang has perfected this sticky bun. It’s soft, rich, and has the perfect balance of everything you’d want in a sticky bun. If you haven’t tried it before and want to make a trip, they have multiple locations in/around Boston. 

Moving over to breakfast food, my favorites begin with the Everything Bagel donut from Blackbird Donuts. Sounds pretty weird, but it’s executed to perfection. It is a classic vanilla donut, cut in half with a cream cheese frosting and everything bagel seasoning sprinkled on top. If you do not like these ingredients, you will not like this donut. But if you do like them, this should be on top of your list of places to visit. 

During the pandemic, many of our local restaurants are struggling to stay afloat. When COVID-19 eventually passes, we want to make sure they are still here and open so we can celebrate the end of it properly. If you are not comfortable with ‘dining in’, order some take out, or delivery. Not only is it good to support the local community – it will be nice to give yourself a break in the kitchen.

The good list goes on, and I will continue to share!


Until next time…