A Big Bang style of family Reunion

US Wealth Napolitano |

Have you ever been to a family reunion where you had such a good time that you couldn’t wait until the next one?  Well, as a financial nerd at U. S. Wealth, we have professional gatherings of our advisors where the attendees know and respect each other so greatly that it feels more like a family reunion than a three day educational summit.

As a financial professional, we bear a burden to stay current on a wide array of subject matters. It’s not possible to be the expert on all things financial, but it is part of our fiduciary DNA to be aware of the issues that face our clients. To that end, U. S. Wealth Management plays host to our 30 financial advisors all over the country for an educational and best practices Summit two times each year.

The next one starts today, Wednesday 4/23 and will be held in Quincy, MA at the Marriott Hotel through Friday.  For many of our advisors, this will be their first opportunity to see our new offices in Braintree and to re-connect with their colleagues.  Some of these professionals haven’t seen each other since our last Summit in Madison, CT last October.

When in a room of like-minded people, where respect and care guide the discussions, the energy is amazing.  The favorite session is usually the round table sessions.  In these sessions, advisors from diverse places throughout the U. S. openly talk about their businesses and ways to improve client service. These sessions are so popular that many of the groups stay in the room way past the sessions end – even impinging on their social hour or dinner.

Yes there is time for socializing. During our cocktail reception or the many family style meals that we share, the discussions seem to almost always find their way back to being a better advisor. Call me a nerd if you’d like. While you may be right about calling us nerds with the technical care that we devote to our craft, the only other place that you can see a bunch of nerds having this much fun will be in the next episode of the Big Bang Theory. 

If you need to talk to us later this week, no problem; we’ll be checking our e mail and cell phones regularly.  But after hanging out with some of the smartest people in the financial world, we’ll also be that much smarter when we see you next.

This article was written by John P. Napolitano.