The Big E

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

Summer is officially wrapping up as the cool, crisp, fall air rolls into New England. This time of year is arguably my favorite. Ashley and I will continue to enjoy ourselves within the city, but will make sure we have a few trips planned for apple picking and even a fair. This fall is unique as we will be fitting all of this fun in while we manage our ice dam damage construction/repairs that happened during this past winter. Due to the insurance companies and contractors being so backed logged, we do not start construction until next week (8 months after the claim date).

This weekend we have plans to head to the last day of one of my favorite fairs. If you live in, or around Western Massachusetts, you likely know about the “Big E”. Even though we do not have the best weather forecasted, we will join one of my best friends Chris, his wife, and some of his family to enjoy the fair grounds. Chris is the one that introduced me to this fair 2 years ago - and let me tell you, it was a life changer.

Growing up on the South Shore I frequented the Marshfield Fair. At the time, it was everything a kid needed.  When I finally was convinced to head out to the Big E, I learned what a real fair is. I have many favorite parts of the Big E and only have time to share a few. One of the classics is the “Avenue of States”. Each New England state is represented as a building which showcases its specialty. For example, you can get the best cheese at the Vermont building then walk over to Rhode Island for some delectable quahogs. After some good eats, we will work our way over to another favorite of mine, the traditional carnival rides. A ride that takes me down memory lane is the swinging chair carnival ride. For some reason – I just cannot get enough of it even though I am usually the oldest person on it.

There is so much to do at the Big E that it takes a full 8+ hours to walk all the way around. In addition to some of my favorites, you can enjoy horse shows, a petting zoo, antique cars, face painting for kids, and just about anything else you can imagine. The Big E is a very enjoyable place to go, it has something for everyone and I highly recommend it.

After we return from the fair, reality kicks in as we have to vacate our condo for a 6-8 week rehab due to the ice dam damage that occurred this past winter. Personally, this was my first time having an insurance claim and I have a much better appreciation on having the right coverage, not the cheapest coverage. We hope to keep up some of the weekend activities while we are in the short term rental – so if you have any ideas on local fun, please share! We haven’t settled on what apple orchard we will head to in October, so please share your favorite.

Until next time…