Boston Marathon

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It is the somber one year anniversary since the 2013 Boston Marathon.  Like tragedies in the past, most folks will immediately recall where they were, or what they were doing when they heard the news about the two bomb blasts that changed lives and the Boston Marathon forever. 

Being a resident of Boston and living not too far away from the finish line has made my family’s experience and the associated memories much more vivid.  Similar to many Bostonians, we have friends who participated or were spectators (with children) in last year’s race and witnessed the senseless tragedy first hand.   We also experienced fear and a sense of personal violation after the events unfolded; when we were told to lock doors and windows and the city-wide manhunt for the perpetrators ensued.

Tragedies often bring out the best in people however, and there is certainly no exception here.  We will remember the countless heroes who immediately gravitated to the detonation zone to assist the wounded and helped saved multiple lives:   police, Boston Fire, EMTs, doctors, nurses, strangers and bystanders.  We will remember the generous outpouring of financial support from the public.  We are inspired by the courage of victims who have been permanently altered, have suffered lost limbs and loved ones.

I believe Boston has lived up to its “Boston Strong” reputation.  This year many more runners will compete, a record amount of spectators is expected along the entire route, and there is a unique air of solidarity throughout the city.  I know my family is definitely looking forward to spending time near the finish line next Monday in support of the event, the runners, and last year’s victims.

I’ve included a picture of my son and me attending a Marathon several years ago.  Are there any stories or photos that you would like to share with us?  Perhaps it’s attending a marathon or maybe even participating as a runner!

This article was written by Tom Fletcher.