A Bowl of Super Proportions

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

When you think of the super bowl, what comes to mind?

The ads, your famous chicken wing recipe, nachos, chili, guacamole, chips and just about anything but football. By now, you are probably as sick of the pre-game hype as any true fan – but in case you haven’t had enough yet, let me bore you with some of the wacky statistics that this day creates.

  • The Patriots will appear for a record 10th time.
  • The Seahawks VS Patriots Super Bowl XLIV was the most watched TV show in the history of TV.  114.4 million Viewers watched in awe as the Patriots stole one from the jaws of defeat.
    • The halftime show of that same game featured Katy Perry and actually out drew the game itself by 4.1 million viewers.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have won more Super Bowls that any other team at 6. The Patriots can tie that record this Sunday.
  • Players from the winning team win $107,000 per person while the losers get $53,000 per person.  A great bonus for you or me, but a rounding error for many NFL players.
  • The NFL will use 72 balls in Sunday’s game. The air is perfect – DIP! (thanks Warren Zevon)
  • No team has ever been shut out in a Super Bowl.
  • 1991 was the first year that the NFL tried to make something big out of the halftime show.  The New Kids on the Block performed that year.
  • The stadium where this year’s game will be played cost $1.13 Billion and opened in 2016.  U S Bank paid $220 Million for the naming rights.
  • Got food? During this day, Americans will consume:
    • 1.35+ billion pounds of chicken wings. My meat friends tell me that the price of boneless chicken breasts should be low for while due to inventory excesses.
    • 14.5 tons of chips
    • 10 million pounds of ribs
    • Pizza orders will swell by 350%.  Order early!
    • 51.7 million cases of beer. That’s 1.25 BILLION bottles of beer on the wall. Start singing now.
    • 1 in 10 people will miss work the day after.  Nap Team won’t start our day until 10:30 am that day.

Superstition is also a big part of Fandom.  You’ve seen the commercials about weird shirts, protocols and other such fetish like behavior that rabid fans have. For me, that includes a Pat’s hat, a Super Bowl T Shirt and a super bowl long sleeve polo shirt from a long time ago.  Anyone want a Mike Vrabel jersey… I don’t wear that any more.

Last year, we watched the game from the Black Diamond Pub at Loon Mountain in NH.  While tempted to leave early, I convinced Joan to stick around. By the end of the game we were best buds with the bartender, the mountain grooming men and anyone else that had the metal to stick around to the end. We promised to return.

This year – we are keeping our promise and returning to the scene of the crime hoping for another NE victory.  If the Pat’s do win, it’ll be a record for the team and for the Best QB of all time – TB XII.

Enjoy your day, and the game – regardless who you favor.  If you’re looking to change it up this year… there’s plenty of room at the Loon Mountain Club. Sharpen your skis and I’ll gladly buy the first round.