On the Brightside

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By: Jenn Kovalski

For me, there is something about this time of year that seems to get really monotonous. Mainly due to the cold, snow, lack of fresh air and sun.  Being a beach bum and fan of the summer, I start to think about summer all of the time. In comparison to 365 days ago, I would venture to guess the majority of New Englanders (like myself) would take this very much less snowy winter over last year’s second coming of the Ice Age. If you experienced last winter, you probably recall the trauma in vivid and hazy details. I am pretty sure that my brain is protecting me from recalling just exactly how many times I had to shovel, or hold the ladder for my dad to get excess snow removed from the roof.

However, yesterday I had a ‘moment’ as I was leaving work. I was walking out into the parking lot at 5:15pm, when all of the sudden I realized it was still light out! A reminder that day by day things don’t really appear to change, until the change hits you in the face it’s so obvious. So in my desperation and bad mood of winter weather, a long lasting day of sunshine I made me realized we are closer to being done with winter than when beginning it in December.

My second ‘moment’ came today, after a busy morning and I was feeling overwhelmed. I happened to glance up at my computer clock and it said 1:08pm. If you were to ask me prior to looking at the clock, I would have said it would have to be at least 3:30pm. My second thought was that someone was playing a joke on me. But, if know me, I yelped this discovery, “HOW IS IT ONLY 1:08”!? My friend on the opposite cube of me said, “Jenn, think of it this way, look at all of the time you have left to do all of the things you need to get done today”. What a positive way to think about something, and such a good point I decided to write about it. Because, truth is, I needed an extra 4 hours to accomplish my to-do list (including writing this article).

When you feel like you are in a rut, you can feel often feel 50x better by solely changing the way you say a sentence, or your perception on something. Things don’t often change overnight, but taking in the small changes lets you see the improvements, whether it be longer days, weight loss, or mastering a new concept, or whatever, and that makes whatever is getting you down seem bearable. It’s all about perception. The next time you read an article of mine, it will be within a week, (before or after) of Day Light Savings, see you all then!