Call of the Wild

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By: Tom Fletcher, CFP®

We’ve always loved living in the city. It’s not for everyone, but it definitely suits us. Among the numerous benefits, pretty much

everything we need is within walking distance to our home. There is always something to do, including spontaneously meeting friends out for a bite to eat, going for walks in our beautiful parks, or visiting each other’s homes. As with much of life these days due to Covid, everything has been turned on its head. And frankly when you’re in a congested urban environment, you need to be extra vigilant when heading out the door for almost anything. As a result, other than the small outdoor spaces our home provides, we’ve spent quite a bit of our time indoors, especially when the weather changes for the worse.

After last year’s bout of lockdowns, my wife had the foresight to recognize we could be in for another rough one this winter as well. With my son doing remote learning at least a couple of days per week and my job being 100% remote, she thought a change of scenery would do all of us quite a bit of good. And thanks to technology, we now could have some options that in year’s past wouldn’t have been available to us. Additionally

with my son now a high school junior, we may never have an opportunity to spend time together like this again. So late last summer she started investigating rental homes for the months of January and February. Realizing that there could be quarantine issues if we had to leave the state, she zeroed in on the Berkshires as a good destination where we wouldn’t feel so confined.

We booked an updated 1830’s schoolhouse on 10 acres in the town of Dalton, about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Boston. It turns out this has been a very successful plan and it couldn't be more opposite of urban living. The house has wide plank floors, a wood stove, very nice views of the mountains, and walking trails through the woods bordering a horse farm. The three of us appreciate wildlife and we were very excited to see animal tracks in our back yard which turned out to be imprinted in the snow by a roving bobcat! We were so excited about seeing this guy or gal that we purchased a motion activated wildlife camera. Hopefully we’ll get a few pictures of other animals in the weeks ahead that I can share in our newsletter.







USWM Approved: 1/20/21