Cent' anni

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

In households all over the world, the word “Cent'anni” is often said in conjunction with well wishes or a toast.  Pronounced more like “Chin Don”, and frequently following the word Salud or Salute, it means good health for 100 years.

Until last week, both Alex Weiss and Jenn Kovalski had the good fortune to have their beautiful grandmothers alive and living the dream of Cent'anni.  Both Susie Moscardelli (aka Nana) and Regina Connolly, (aka Mema) passed away last week after a wonderful long life surrounded by loving family.

Just shy of reaching 100 years, both grandmothers were frequently a part of our Monday morning team meeting conversations. It’s been a while since I’ve had a granny, so these conversations were welcome and interesting.  The rest of our team loved hearing the stories and seeing the photos. The stories were so vivid that we could almost taste the grandmother prepared meals and treats that wound their way into the conversation.

I’m not trying to make light of their passing, but these two grand ladies definitely deserve a celebration of life as they did a lot of living. They were born into the world on the heels of WWI, lived through the great depression, WWII and everything else that us kids have only read about in history books.  They truly don’t build them like that anymore, and demonstrated nearly every day why their generation earned the nick name “The Greatest Generation”. They are already sorely missed by their respective families, and the attitude coming from Alex and Jenn couldn’t be more positive and thankful.  They both are as tough through this as I’ve seen them in the trenches doing battle for our clients.

As Alex tells me, one of his favorite memories of his Nana was playing go-fish and somehow always winning. This would always be accompanied by an Italian meal and cookies. Jenn’s Mema would surprise her by dismissing her out of school to get lunch at her favorite restaurant Stanney’s followed by some sort of bargain shopping.

Hopefully both Grandmothers passed with the peace of knowing that their grand kids (at least the ones that I know) loved them dearly, would do anything for them and are living lives that would make any parent or grandparent proud.

RIP Nana and Mema.