A Chip Off The Ol' Block

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

Growing up, I think we can all agree that the last thing we wanted to do was to be anything like our parents. I always caught myself thinking that I would never use those annoying sayings and how could someone ever adopt such strange habits. I was speaking to someone (who is probably reading this article right now) that told me that he was upset with himself that it took 25 years to figure out how great his mother (parents) were. Because whether we like it or not, we are all a chip off the old block.

The reason I bring this up is that my sister stopped into the office to say hello not so long ago. And during this conversation we quickly found ourselves talking about a sibling family reunion just like our parents did many years ago. We reminisced about all the great time we had with our cousins, uncles, aunts and parents but now understand that it takes a lot of work and planning to accomplish this. Now that we are the uncles and aunts – it is scary how much we are like our parents.

My mother is a 5 foot, loving, 100% Italian woman who I love dearly. Her side of the family has a few wonderful sayings and in the words of my Nana, ‘If you are not eating – you are not happy.’ John Nap and I were visiting a few clients last week and we noticed we both had this same exact habit. Since we were heading over for a visit a little after lunch, we had to bring a snack. We stopped by Publix supermarket where we purchased enough food and drink for 12 people, but only 4 were at the house!

My father had this super annoying saying that made me cringe growing up. Every so often we would forget to promptly shut the door when we left a room, or specifically the house, which meant the heat or A/C was being wasted. He would yell to us ‘Don’t leave the door open – what do you live in, a barn!?’ It even pains me to type it…. But a few weeks ago, leaving the condo I noticed Ashley didn’t shut the door and guess what came out of my mouth! The words I never thought I would utter… I was shocked and even slightly disappointed at myself.

I may have picked up some of those ‘not so great’ habits of my parents, but I also learned all of the goods ones too. I hope sometime in the next year or two I will get to write about our first annual family reunion with my 8 other siblings. Spending time with family and friends is very important to me as I am a chip off the ol’ block.

Until next time…