Cleaning Up Messes

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST, RLP®

Yesterday while driving to work on a beautiful, late summer morning, I had the windows down and really liked the beautiful, emerging day. A school bus here, and a landscape crew there, and the usual September traffic is flowing (or not) as it should this time of year.  But one thing struck me as really unusual; and that is the landscape crews.  I don’t know about you, but I despise how many of today’s landscape professionals choose to use blowers. Convenient, yes. But are they really helping to clean anything up or are they just spreading the mess around for all of us to share? 

Blowing dust, sand, leaves or grass clippings isn’t really helping anyone in the long run, but it sure saves them time. It also guarantees that they’ll have something to blow around next week as passing traffic and wind bring a lot of the same stuff back into your yard. I’d really like it if municipalities made it illegal for landscape crews to blow their small debris on the street and other people’s property. By now, you’re probably wondering if I’m taking lessons from “The Donald”, but rest assured that I’m not.  But while I’m at it, pet peeve number two are the millions of cigarette butts that I see littered on the highways from people dumping their little burning trash out their car windows. After all, they wouldn’t want their car to smell from those nasty little devils. 

World events seem to have a similar tone.  Why should countries fix their problems when there are others who will bail them out?  Need money no problem – call Germany.  Need a place to get rid of people who don’t think like you, no problem – let them float around oceans in rafts looking for asylum. It feels as if the whole world is simply spreading their problems around just like the landscapers.

For some, their financial house is somewhat similar.  Stuff all over the place with many accounts spread over several institutions. Many are spreading the burden of old estate documents, dysfunctional buy, sell or succession agreements for their businesses and partners around so it doesn’t feel too painful.  You see, none of these little issues are deal killers or lifestyle threats for many. Yet collectively they may represent a financial house that is in disarray.  When cash flow is good, investments and business is good, and nothing is hitting the fan – there are no problems and the disarray is well masked, until there are problems, that is.

For our readers who are clients – you are in good hands.  You have your house in order and know what you need to do to make it better and keep it in order.  For the rest of you who know that your house could use some true clean up – get ‘er done. Call a competent professional or drop us a line.