A Culturally Infused Meal

John Napolitano |

As popular as the Food Network has become, people are constantly trying to seek out new recipes and restaurants that accommodates their personality. This can be a local eatery, a diner, or something a little more upscale. But finding a place that can work within the family dynamics that can also provide a robust cultural experience can be challenging.

Living in Boston provides a unique opportunity to try all of the above. However, not all of these diverse eateries are in the downtown area. Some of my favorites are off the beaten path and are located in some of the smaller neighborhoods, i.e. Cambridge, Harvard Square, Somerville, Fenway, or the South End, just to name a few.

Recently we tried a unique location in Central Square, Veggie Galaxy. Talk about two things you typically do not see together. It is set up as a traditional diner but as you would expect by the restaurant name everything on the menu was vegetarian. When we visit a diner, we typically think of greasy bacon accompanied by another meat or comfort food. Here we found a spin on those classics without any meat. I have to admit that it was very unique and the food was outstanding as well! It is worth a shot if you want to try something new or want to take a vegetarian to an exceptional meal.

Prior to that visit we trekked up to Harvard Square to a personal favorite, Border Café. This is one of the six locations but when you walk in you would never know it is that kind of operation. Border has a traditional Mexican based menu that is reasonably priced. It is also welcoming to many different groups of people. You can go on a date, bring a group of friends, or even enjoy some time with the grandkids without feeling out of place. If you do head to Border, please be aware of the freshly made corn tortilla chips and homemade salsa that they bring over prior to the meal. They are still hot, with a hint of salt, and have the perfect crack of a cooked chip – just don’t fill up before the meal comes!

Enjoying a nice meal with family or friends and experiencing some great laughs is always a good thing. For me it helps confirm my top priorities and allows me to stick with the plan of spending time with loved ones. If you have any similar places to the ones mentioned above, please share them with us. We are sure other readers would enjoy a recommendation to a place close to their home.

This article was written by Alexander G. Weiss.