Deep in the Heart of Texas

US Wealth Napolitano |

A big part of the USWM staff and the Napolitano Team’s personal mission is to be as current and on top of world and financial events as possible to give the most relevant advice possible. To that end, we frequently attend educational topics on everything from investments through estate taxation. Last week was one such week, where I attended 5 days in a row of conferences in Austin, Texas.  A bit wearing, but extremely informative.

I was able to squeeze a little fun into this trip by staying through the weekend and taking in a little Texas Hospitality.  A ten mile walk had me touring the Texas Capitol Building and the U. T. Austin Campus.  Everything about both was pure Texas:  large, modern and top shelf.  The state Capitol building is a magnificent structure perched up on a hill that can be seen for miles around.  As I was traveling by myself, I spent some time chatting with the building security and maintenance personnel about the building and the surrounding neighborhood.  What a hospitable crew.

After leaving the Capitol, I walked to the University of Texas.  It was a game day and the campus was abuzz with tailgaters, jogging students and people wearing the burnt orange, flashing me the “hook ‘em horns” sign. Of course, with my UT hat and shirt, they simply assumed that I was one of the loyal longhorns.

I did possess tickets to the game that night, and invited one of the advisors from the USWM San Antonio office to join me.  But while I was cruising the campus, I was invited to two tailgates from some extremely friendly Austin natives.  The first was a group of people just like me.  Middle aged (OK, maybe I’m stretching it a bit) professionals enjoying each other’s company, as they’ve done for the past twenty years for the UT home games.  I made three new friends and enjoyed some Tito’s Vodka and Texas Barbeque.  In fact, this tailgate was so good that I never made it to the second one.

The second one was a courtesy invite (AKA… free) from the UT alumni association, called the “Texas Exes”. The Texas Exes boast the largest tailgate party at UT and I believe it.  They hold it right across from the stadium at the first class alumni center, and it was stocked with more food and goodies than my street on Halloween.  I’m sorry that I missed that one, but my gratitude and appreciation for the Exes and any UT alumni for the hospitality and warmness offered to this Yankee visiting their campus for the first time.

All in all, I’ll be back to Austin and make sure that it will be on a weekend when there is a home game.  While the team this year hasn’t done too well, they played good enough to beat Iowa State in a nail biter by a final score of 48-45.  I guess the Horns hooked ‘em.  But in the process, they may have hooked me. 

I am more than a little interested in the state income tax free living offered by Texas; however I’ll keep the seasons, stay in New England, and go back as a guest.  But the next time I go… don’t be shy.  This is a trip that you should take at some point, and I know where the good tailgates are!  

This article was written by John P. Napolitano