Destination Weddings: How to do it Right

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Whenever I hear of a destination wedding, two things immediately come to mind.  The first is that the couple doesn’t have many friends.  The second is that maybe they want a more private wedding with a more intimate group.

On July 3 of this year, I left Logan Airport to travel to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico to attend my first destination wedding.  The wedding was that of my brother Paul. Paul is number 3 in the family of four brothers who was married once before, but felt that he wanted to make this occasion very special and memorable.

John and Joan Napolitano in MexicoFor me, the prospect of spending an entire week with your adult brothers in the same house was both exciting and nerve racking.  At this stage of life, each sibling has their own family, their own ways and sometimes it can be difficult to be in fairly close quarters with no way out.  Of course, that thought did cross my mind… but after the first few hours with the entire family at Playa Del Secreto it was pretty clear that this indeed had the potential to be the trip of a lifetime. In fact, it was the first time that my wife Joan and I have traveled with all four of our children in at least 4 or 5 years, and for that opportunity I am forever grateful to my brother Paul and his new Bride Chrissy.

Paul and Chrissy pulled out all stops and reached into their bags of tricks for a week that no one in my family will ever forget.  From the luxury large ocean front mansion that they rented for all of us to stay, to the outstanding Chef Ishmael who cooked three outstanding authentic Mexican meals for us every day, to the beautiful wedding ceremony on the beach delivered by Pastor Hank, everything was the very best.

Even the side trips to Playa Del Carmen and the supermarket were adventurous.  I thought that I was hot stuff with my vague recollection of my high school Spanish… but then my daughter who just received a minor degree in Spanish after semesters in Spain and Argentina made me realize that I was basically illiterate in Spanish – or perhaps Spanglish. Without Julia and her mastery of the language… we may have been eating hot dogs and drinking warm margaritas.

One of the more memorable side trips was the Nap family Scuba adventure; one boat, 11 Naps.  Not everyone there was scuba certified, so the rookies (of which I am not one!) all got a resort type of PADI course right in our yard and learned to use the equipment in our own pool in that same yard. A day later in the waters off Cozumel, there were two mates on the boat and 11 Naps and two dive masters 40 feet under the waves taking in the breathtaking sights of the western Caribbean. For 3 of my four children it was their first dive experience.  All are now thinking of going full certification to enjoy that experience again.

I could write a blog that would entertain you for hours with all of the good times we had, but I’ll spare you the time and let you go pursue your family adventure.  But I must close this session by thanking Chrissy and Paul for planning a remarkable event, and sharing their love with all of us.  I wish them the best, and ask you to do the same.

This article was written by John P. Napolitano