Discovering Castle Island

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By: Tom Schulte, CFP®

Though I have no plans to move, I always seem to find a special place too late. In college it was Rossi’s Deli (Poughkeepsie, NY), an Italian imports shop that puts together the freshest & finest sandwiches on the planet. Tragically, I was not introduced to this establishment until my second semester of junior year. During my time in Dorchester, this special, late-found place was McKenna’s Café (Savin Hill)—a breakfast joint famous for its granola-crusted French toast and tops the list of my favorite diners, which is an extremely competitive category. And again, I have no plans to move, but I already feel short-changed that I’ve lived in the South Boston area for a few years now and have

just stumbled across Castle Island.

Located on the far eastern tip of Southie, Castle Island is a peninsula that juts out into the Boston harbor and offers quite a bit to see and do. Its main feature is Fort Independence, which was built in the year 1703 and was equipped with over 70 cannons at the time of the Boston Tea Party. People use this area for things like kite surfing, paddle boarding, strolls on the seaway path around the fort, picnics—you name it. However, it was the fishing jetty on the northern side of the ‘island’ that kept me (& Mia the dog) in a trance for hours last week.

Aside from the fish that anglers brought up periodically and the helpful reference plaque to identify these sea monsters, the northern jetty is just a few hundred yards from Logan airport’s runways. And as a self-described plane geek, I was the quintessential ‘kid in the candy shop’. While Mia growled and sniffed the fish as they were brought up, I kept one eye on the taxiing jets and one eye Flight Radar iPhone application that gives me all the pertinent information on the planes I was spotting. Very cool, very nerdy.

Once I shared my wonderful experience with my sister, she told me about World’s End in Hingham. After a quick Google search, I’ve decided that will be our next adventure. However, should you find yourself in the Boston area with as little as an hour to kill, I highly recommend a visit to Castle Island.