Do Your Job

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

We are headed into another Super Bowl weekend and my beloved team, the New England Patriots, have made it to the game. Each year the 32 NFL teams set forth to put the best game plan forward, playing week after week to reach this game, but only 2 teams make it - no more, no less. I will leave my bias out of the conversion concerning why the Patriots have done so well for so long. However, what I can tell you is that they have one motto that rings true as to how you can measure each season as a success: Do Your Job.

I can look back to when this really held true – good ol’ Hanover High School track and field. Believe it or not, during the high school years I was a sprinter and threw the discus. I was mainly a runner and was part of the 100 and 200 meter sprinters as well as the 4x100 relay team. It wasn’t until my junior year that we hit our peak and not because of one person, but we had 4 very unique runners that were focused on the task at hand.

My best race was the 200M since I was slower out of the starting blocks in comparison to a few teammates. My coach had difficulty coaching me out of the starting blocks and understood we had no need for simply another quick starter – he was well ahead of his time. He played to everyone’s strengths to form a top-notch 4x100 relay team. It consisted of one of the best starters around, followed by three great runners (with me as the anchor). This was a true manifestation of ‘Do Your Job’ and focusing on our individual strengths – we all had our job and we did it very well. Our 4x100 went to the State Finals and finished 8th among all high school teams in Massachusetts. Additionally, we set a school record in the 4x100 (still standing today).

We can utilize the same thought-process in someone’s personal financial life. When asked ‘how can I retire earlier?’ or ‘how long will my money last in retirement?’ the correct answer is different for everyone. In my opinion, the only wrong answer is not having a plan at all. The saying ‘Do Your Job’ can be as simple as staying on top of your monthly budget or hitting your savings goals. If you can control the items you can control and not rely on the markets to save you from over-spending or under-saving, then you are on the right path.


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