Don't Forget the Classics

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

It seems everyone now-a-days is fixed on trying the new hottest item. It feels that we should be on the iPhone 10 already and restaurants should be changing menus daily. I am a big fan of trying new and exciting things so don’t take that the wrong way – but I also think we should all spend some time out to visit the classics.

A few weeks ago I decided to visit some of these classics. The first stop was the Union Oyster House near Faneuil Hall in Boston. They say it is the oldest restaurant in America, established in 1826. Just to put that in perspective – the City of Boston prohibited cows from grazing in the Boston Common in 1830. The history around some of these classic establishments is extremely unique. The Union Oyster House was a place frequently visited by JFK. He was such a loyal patron and enjoyed his private booth that they dedicated that specific location to him in the upstairs dining room.

At the end of the day, it is still a restaurant and they have to serve food that keeps people coming back. This is the place for you if you are a fan of the raw bar and some hot clam chowder on a cold winter day. All I will say is this is not the last time I will taste test their clam chowder this year.

The next weekend we decided to go to a movie. While the new theaters have a lot of perks we wanted to continue our way through the classics. We went to Somerville’s Davis Square to the Somerville Theater. The building will be celebrating its 100th anniversary this year! What a phenomenal place this is – when you walk in you still have to go to the counter with the glass between you and the person selling the tickets. Above your head the movie times are displayed on a board and not a TV screen. As we purchased our tickets and other shows become sold out – someone had to bring out a ladder to place a piece of paper over the titles with red letters ‘sold out.’

We got our tickets about a half hour early then went in line to grab a bucket of popcorn. As we were waiting in line it made me feel that I was connecting with my surroundings rather than  a movie factory feeling so industrial that they want me in and out then on to the next.

The reason why I wrote this was to point out we shouldn’t forget about the classics and hidden gems that are so close by. It could be a local seafood shop or restaurant, but they always know how to make you feel at home.