The Download On Our Favorite Apps

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By: The Napolitano Team

In order to get the most out of a mobile device like our phones, adding an app can help us live our lives more efficiently, provide information, entertainment, help keep track of our workouts and diets and they can add a level of convenience to our daily routines.

Recently we were all chatting about the apps we more frequently made use of, we thought we would share our each of our favorites in hopes you would give us a shout letting us know what your favorites are so we can add a few new ones that we may be missing out on.


By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

With so many Apps on my phone, the weather and the food apps are clearly the most utilized by me.  But my favorite is probably the GHIN app.  Pronounced like the booze Gin, but the GHIN app is about golf and is an online handicap computation service and registry. It utilizes the United States Golf Association handicap system.  Once you get this app on your phone or tablet, you are ever more than a moment away from posting a score for those who want to keep up a golf handicap.

One of the best features is that is has thousands of golf courses loaded into the system that make it easy to post scores.  I’ve used it for rounds all over the country and in Bermuda too.  My favorite feature is that you can load in your friends and see how they’re doing.  For anyone who golfs more than 10 times per year, there is no excuse not to have a handicap. Even if you don’t belong to a club all you have to do is pick the public course that you play most often and pay the registration fee.  The advantage of having a handicap is that you can now play in tournaments or friendly rounds with your friends without them second guessing your handicap… although I must admit that many golfers will still question your handicap if they are the one giving you strokes.

By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

Apps on our phones have changed society and how we operate on a daily basis. If I was asked what app changed my life the most, it would be GoogleMaps – as I never have to figure out how to get somewhere and how long it takes to get to said destination.

It is a lot harder to come up with my favorite app, but for the simplest reasons, it to be any of the coffee apps (Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts in my case). By using their apps, I get loyalty points, discounts, and a free coffee on my birthday! If that isn’t good enough for you, it also allows you to order ahead of time and paying with the app on my phone is more time efficient than pulling out your wallet. It is the simple things in life that make me happy – and this is clearly one of them.

By: Tom Fletcher, CFP®

There's several apps that I think actually make a significant difference in my day to day life, but my current favorite is Pocket.   The concept is quite simple - find a digital article that you want to read for a later time, then save it to your Pocket.   After saving the article, you don't have to be online to read it either.  This works with emails, Internet, and plenty of other apps.  As a bonus, when it is saved, it removes those annoying ads that can slow down my browser.  Once initiating your account, Pocket works seamlessly between my iPad, iPhone and Mac.  It can also be accessed via the Internet.

By: Jenn Kovalski

I am not a huge App user outside of the popular social media ones such as Instagram or Facebook, and I am not a big game player on account of my iPhone’s less than stellar battery life.

My favorite App on my phone, is  Global Shark Tracker. This is an App created by OCEARCH, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to researching Great White Sharks and other large ocean animals. OCEARCH catches and tags sharks with a device to track its movements.The coolest aspect of the App, is each shark has a name. When you click on the shark, it pulls up the entire profile about it including its size, weight, gender, age, when and where it was tagged, and an actual photo of the shark during its tagging. I have monitored the same sharks for 2 years swim up and down the eastern seaboard, from Cape Cod bay to Florida. I have even watched a shark swim from Plymouth to Nantucket during a tropical storm, in only a matter of a few days.

By: Tom Schulte

Similar to Tom Fletcher, I am a creature of the MBTA system. And while it’s often crowded, dirty, and delayed, my only real problem with the T are the long waits on the station platforms. To combat this struggle, I have recently began to leverage an app titled ‘ProximiT’ offering real-time train schedules. This software has the ability to suggest the optimal times to leave my ‘current location’ in accordance with my walking distance to the T stop and next incoming train. As a result, I am able to leave my bed each morning at the last possible second—a true feat!