To each, its own nest

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

There is no doubt about it that most people love their home. But at this stage of Covid, even the biggest homebody must be getting a little tired of their nest… except for the birds.

So far this season, I have been up and close to three bird’s nests. One was in FL, where a nest of Bald Eagles were raising their young. It was hard to see, but after a few days I was able to zero in on it because you can hear the little eaglets screeching as momma was approaching with a fresh catch. We were treated to many up close and personal views of the mother as she would perch in several areas very close to us. On one day, she even entertained a crowd of people as she showed off her flying abilities low to the ground near the association pool.

The second one is on my front porch in Scituate. This one really has me thinking. When we bought the property, knowing the old home was in such disrepair that it qualified as a tear down, we noticed some birds living inside a porch column that had a hole rotted through. I wondered what would happen to these critters as we tore down the house after the birth of their young and all had left the nest. Well, worry not. The next year, after the new front porch was build, the birds were back. This time they were pleased to see a new front porch with a great nest building site on top of one of the pillars. Last fall, I removed the nest so I could clean the area.  And as sure as spring would come, the nest was re-built by the time we arrived home on 4/2. No baby birds yet, but mother sparrow is diligently sitting in the nest most of the time.   

The third nest was discovered this past weekend. Like the Eagles in FL, I saw a large Red Tail Hawk fly into the White Pine tree 15 yards off my patio to then hear a bunch of screeching baby Hawks. Not quite as majestic as the Bald Eagles, but quite the show nevertheless. I will check these out every day and hope to see when the fledglings earn their wings.

I don’t know if there is any significance, or a signal from above regarding my bird’s eye view of these nests… but it sure got the outdoor nerd in me all fired up. While we are in the swing of things, it is time, maybe even a few days late, to get a hummingbird feeder outside ASAP.  Because if you wait too long, they’ll just fly by your house and find someone else willing to load them up on sugar.