The Family Photo

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By: Alex Weiss, CFP®

Though Natalie, Ashley and I are still trying to acclimate to the later sunsets, like you all, we too turned our clocks forward last Sunday. I usually associate Daylight Savings Time with the start of spring no matter what the weather looks or feels like outside. Some years I am surely disappointed, and other years it’s a pleasant surprise. Well this year…we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out. Instead of spring cleaning, we have the classically fun family photo op scheduled for this weekend. I am not talking about myself, Natalie, and

Ashley– I am talking about the Weiss side of the family– yup, the whole clan.

When was the last time this happened for your family? I’m not talking about at a wedding or event that everyone is already dressed up at. I am talking about going to the photographer, dressed in coordinating outfits to ensure the ‘perfect picture’ that we all desire. Well, judging by the group text chat we have going at the moment, this is my formal warning to my dad to lower his expectations.

Let’s now get a lay of the land. We will have nine adults and two babies, both of who are currently teething and just went through a time change– not much can go wrong. On top of that, we all have very different personal styles, though the instructed photo attire is jeans and a white shirt. My youngest brother might not even own an iron, which won’t get my other brothers annoyed at all.

In anticipation of the picture this Sunday (and if anyone wants a good laugh, I can let you know where to find us), it made me reflect on a few of my favorite family photos. Most of them aren’t taken in a studio, but just catching life as it unfolds. But what I love about these photos is the pure joy a picture can capture. When my Nana passed away nearly two years ago, we never reminisced about any of the expensive things she bought us– only the ones that made us laugh the most. A personal favorite of mine was after I graduated college, I had told my Nana that I was bringing lunch to work so I could save up for a new car and eventually a house. A few months later at Christmas, she gifted me 100 brown paper bags to make sure I had something to pack my lunch in!

Let’s hope the picture goes more smoothly than our first night of moving the clocks forward. And if you have any great family pictures to share, please do!

Until next time…