The Family Vacation

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The most unpleasant aspect of our family vacation is finding a way to slow it down so that it doesn’t transpire at the blink an eye.  The vacation theory of relativity (no relation to Albert’s theory) in paraphrase form states that as you reduce your living pace down to a crawl, time will inversely accelerate and before you know it, poof - it’s Monday morning again.

Our annual family vacation began this week.  We’ll be down at the Cape enjoying time with friends, family, and hopefully some nice weather will be tossed in as well.

Over the years our family has become summer vacation creatures of habit.  Prior to becoming parents of an offspring, our time away from home was always spent outside of the country. Since my son was born however, and much to my wife’s dismay, we haven’t left the US once.  Over the past 11 years, our summer vacations have included a grand total of two rentals:  six years in the Pemaquid Maine region and most recently the Cape Cod town of Cummaquid, where we will be this week.

I assume that most folks have their own unique summer vacation rituals and I am no exception.  In my case, priority number one is doing as little as possible and figuring out a way to get away with it.  Along the same theme I will share with you a pretty good trick that I've practiced repeatedly and perfected over the years that requires skill and three key ingredients: a deck chair, mass quantities of salty pistachios and a Heineken mini keg.  The skill comes into play by positioning the chair in just the right location as to take advantage of the ocean views, proper sunlight exposure, and yet not be too far away from the endless Heineken tap in the refrigerator.  If this were an Olympic sport, I can just about guarantee you that I'd be a medal contender.  Unfortunately as much as I’ve tried, this really doesn’t taste the same at home.

Our family always enjoys dining at an "eat in the rough" location at least once per vacation.  These are the places where you stand in long lines, take a number, stand in long lines, and pick up your fried seafood, clams and lobstahs, then enjoy your food on a picnic table that is decked out with the red-checked plastic table cloth. We've found a winner at the Sesuit Harbor Cafe in Dennisport.  The harbor views are beautiful and chances are pretty good too that you'll get to see a spectacular sunset.

I look forward to chatting with everyone after my vacation theory of relativity takes place.

If you have any family vacation spots or rituals that you would like to share with us, we’d love to hear about them.

This article was written by Tom Fletcher.