Financial Cyber-Safety

US Wealth Napolitano |

In this world of electronic gratification from e mail through electronic investment statements, we’d like to personalize it just a bit by bringing to your attention some of the finer points of conducting safe on line commerce when dealing with U.S. Wealth Management or any financial partner.

For starters, stop receiving paper statements and other financial information in the mail.  Your mail box can be a starting place for identity theft as confidential information sits in that cold, dark mailbox all day until someone opens it up.  Hopefully it will always be you who gets to your mail first, but that is not always the case.

Be careful when sending similar confidential information via e mail.  Anything containing your Social Security number or account numbers should be encrypted if sent by e mail.  Call the recipient before blindly e mailing valuable personal information to see how it is best to be received securely.

Sign up for electronic access for all of your financial records or accounts.  Just because you do not sign up to access this information doesn’t mean that it isn’t available online. Of course it is.  All financial institutions keep electronic records for your and their benefit, so sign up to check in on your accounts and to see what the institution is also seeing. The painful part is to set up different passwords for each site and to re-set them at least every 90 days.