John Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

It’s that time of the year where the golf clubs are cleaned up and ready to go.  Truth be told, I’ve already been out several times.  I have two golf goals this year.  One is to clean up my language and the other is to get as many clients, friends and allied professionals out on the course as often as possible.

On the language clean up part, unlike many golfers I NEVER get upset at a lousy round or a bad hole.  Why bother, it isn’t going to change anything.  So my goal for cleaning up my language is that I’d like to eliminate the word “fore” from my golf vocabulary.  For those non-golfers out there, that’s that word that you shout out when you’ve hit a poor shot and it looks as if that shot may cause harm to someone else on the course.  

There is nothing definitive published on the origin of using that word, but the best that I can tell it had something to do with caddies and the Scottish who invented the game of golf. Because the caddies often head down the fairway while their golfers are teeing off to help locate the tee shots, the word fore started as “fore-caddie”… meaning look out dude there’s a ball headed your way. It has morphed into fore over the past century plus and I have a feeling that it will stick. Of course, the only way to eliminate that word from your golf vocabulary is to improve.  Challenge accepted.

The second goal has to do with you.  I like the social aspect and playing with many different people – good and bad.  If you really stink, all golfers really care about is that you have the etiquette to not slow down the game and that you care for the course as if it were your own.  For complete hackers, the best way to keep the pace of play moving in a social setting is to pick up your ball after you’ve taken X shots on any given hole.  Declare yourself done on any given hole once your shots accumulate to 8 on a par 4 or 5, perhaps 6 on a par three. 

Expect e-mail and calls from us asking if you would like to play.  Don’t be shy, and please call us if you’d like to have a fun day.  Our biggest secret is already out.  I stink at golf but like to have fun in the great outdoors. It would be even more fun if those who receive this weekly letter decide step up and drive to Scituate for an entertaining round of golf, all 19 holes!