Fun Facts About Me

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

Some time ago, Tom Fletcher wrote an article about the things you did not know about him. When writing an article about yourself once a month, you want to get away from writing about planning a wedding since it comes up in conversation frequently. While I may not be as interesting as Tom Fletcher, I wanted to share some things about myself that you otherwise wouldn’t know.

The one thing most people know about me is that I am one of nine siblings (me being #8). Originally I have three brothers and then welcomed in 5 step siblings about 19 years ago. Prior to my mother re-marrying, my favorite story growing up happened.

As you would imagine, my brothers and I played a lot of outdoor games growing up. When we were stuck inside the house during inclement weather we had to make the best of it. Hide and seek was the go-to game, but it got boring after a while, so my brother Josh created his own version called ‘Hide The Baby.’ When our youngest brother Nate was an infant, and we were home alone – you guessed it, we started hiding little Nate. Only once did my brother Josh place little infant Nate in the drawer, cover him with a t-shirt and forget where he was … only once (sorry Mom).

Speaking of my mother, she has been a music teacher for as long as I can remember and I was the only one in the family to play band instruments in high school. Out of all my siblings it is hard to believe she didn’t force someone else to join me! I started on the trombone, had a short stint with the French horn, and ended up playing the tuba in the concern band. I was also was in the marching band where I played the saxophone and marched in my fair share of local parades.

My favorite ice cream is pistachio. It cannot be the type that just has the flavor, but I need the actual nuts in the ice cream to hit that craving. Don’t get me wrong, a good chocolate and anything with peanut butter works – but it doesn’t get any better than a fresh waffle cone with pistachio ice cream.

Another fun fact about my family is how the heck we got so big. Way back around World War II, we had two marriages within the same family. My Nana was one of nine and my grandfather was one of five. Already being two large Italian families and wasn’t around yet - my Nana’s brother then married my grandfather’s sister – which makes a very large, very extended family tree. My Nana and Great Aunt Alice have been sister-in-laws for over 70 years. Crazy!

Now you know a little bit more about me and we hope to get to know even more about you. Please share some of your favorites or some good stories that we otherwise wouldn’t know.

Until next time…