Funtown USA

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

The title sounds a little hoaxy – but if you are a frequent visitor of the Maine coast, you know this small amusement park actually exists. It is in Saco, Maine off of exit 36 on route 95. Ashley and I visited with her family over Labor Day Weekend with fairly low expectations. Part of the reason is the name (sounds like they are trying too hard), but oh man did we have so much fun! Not only was the place very clean, but the lines were minimal and it was truly built for family fun.

Many years ago, my dad used to take us on an annual summer trip out to Riverside Park (now Six Flags New England). We used to go on all the classics – the log flume, tea cups, Turkish twist, thunder bolt, chair swing, merry-go-round, just to name a few. And like a good father (and when we were just tall enough), he would ‘encourage’ us to head to the roller coasters. My brothers and I were ride junkies and would get off one ride in order to sprint to the next—taking breaks only for the occasional French fry or two. Back in those days, Riverside was fairly large and most rides had somewhat of a line. At Funtown USA, the most we waited for a ride was 10 minutes.

Ashley’s oldest niece, who will turn 8 years old in October, took some time to warm up to the rides. However, by the end of the day she would refuse to have us join her! Then came the log flume – a personal favorite and on top of the list of classics. It was like a big trip down memory lane, but this time with a new twist. Everyone knows the log flume as the big drop where you get wet. This time, after the big drop, people could pay a quarter to squirt you with water! While it was fun to put the quarter in, it was not as fun to be the recipient of the water cannon. To her disappointment, Ashley’s niece was only able to recruit myself and my father-in-law on the flume as she needed some support for the ‘big drop.’ Little did she know I wanted to go on the ride all day, but didn’t want to go by myself – so I happily joined and we got soaked together!

Suffice it to say we had an absolute blast and would recommend the adventure if you are ever close by. We stayed at the park for over 8 hours, which is an accomplishment with an almost 8-year-old, 5-year-old, and a 13-month-old. The trip down memory lane was great – but watching the joy in those kids was priceless.

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