Good Night Boston

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

It’s with mixed emotions that I report that Ashley, Natalie and I have sold our wonderful home in the South End and purchased a property in Westwood. Unfortunately for Natalie and Ashley, ‘we’ decided to do another fixer upper (our third in five years), which will allow us to get in the area we want without sacrificing too many things on our non-negotiable list. It took us about five months to get to this point and we have another five months ahead of us. But before we go into that, let’s talk about the move.

I don’t think there is ever truly an ideal time to sell, move or stage a home. Even less ideal is living in a home that’s not supposed to look lived in… with a newborn! However, this still didn’t deter us from doing all of the above as we officially listed our Boston home for sale when Natalie was 3.5 weeks old! I’m not sure who thought we were crazier, our parents or our neighbors. What was already a whirlwind experience, something even wilder happened, the house sold almost immediately in

its debut weekend! While selling fast is a good problem to have for a young family, it’s still a problem. Now we had to find a place to live while our new home in Westwood is under construction. And for those who have had similar work done, we all know to double the amount of time the contractor tells you it will take.

After trying and failing to locate an affordable month-to-month rental, a desirable and affordable option came to light: my mother and father in-law’s home! Fortunately for us, we were not forced to sign a lease, but we did have them sign a babysitting clause so Ashley and I can sneak out for an occasional cocktail.

The construction should start in the next few days. The original home is a 1960’s single story ranch. We plan to add a second story and update the interior as most of it hasn’t changed since it was built. We are fortunate that the foundation and bones are good, it just needs rewiring and new insulation.

It looks like another year and another new set of projects for the Weiss family. Hopefully by my next article, we will be in the midst of construction and selecting out how to furnishings.

Until next time…