The Great Summer Debate

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®


For those of you who may not know me, I am a busybody and have a hard time sitting still. As expected, my methods of relaxation are much different than most. I like to go on a bike ride, finish a project around the house, build something, play a game, or wake up early to make breakfast. What also continually pops in my head this time of year are the few ‘Great Summer Debates.’ Soft serve vs. hard serve ice cream, Lake House vs. Beach House……the best this, the best that.


With the summer’s heat and Ashley being 39 weeks pregnant, we try to limit ourselves to air conditioned spaces, while avoiding congregating near the grill (especially when it is 95+ degrees outside). Therefore, Ashley and I have decided to do some extensive research to find the best lobster roll in an effort to put an ending to one of these important debates. Over the past few weeks, we have gone to a few locations that pleasantly surprised us. Woodman’s of Essex (the creator of the fried clam) was on our list to try, and while the lobster roll was delicious, the onion rings where out of this world and the surprise of the trip! The reason we haven’t concluded on who has the best lobster roll quite yet is that the next place on our list, Green Harbor Lobster Pound in Marshfield, MA, was sold out when we visited! After speaking with a few people, I now realize you have to call ahead for your order.


The next great debate is where to vacation for the summer: lake or ocean? Growing up on the South Shore of Massachusetts, it was quite natural for our family, neighbors, and friends to take the ride down Rt 3 (and sit in rotary traffic) to spend time at the beach on The Cape. What was there not to like? Ice cream, mini golf, body surfing, and everything else vacation-oriented. Last summer we took a trip up to Lake Winnipesaukee, which renewed the debate of which is better. I have to say, swimming in water without salt is refreshing, but it cannot compare to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. In an effort to put this debate to an end, we have a Cape vacation and Lake vacation in the books for next summer already. I will have to report back next year on this one!


If you have any other great summer debates, please share them! And of course, if you have a favorite Lobster Roll establishment, we can add it to our research list.


Until next time…