Great Wolf What

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By: Alex Weiss, CFP®

And just like that, another year is officially in the books. 2018 was a fun and exciting year and so far 2019 is off to a great start. To the delight of my mother (and mother-in-law) I have been able to answer ‘yes’ to 2018’s most frequently asked question: “are you still married?” If you ask me, I think I aced my first full year of marriage… but my question to people reading is: why does everyone ask!? Am I doing something wrong?

Another highlight was that I was able to take several trips to new places, as well as some of my old favorites this year. The Grand Canyon, Sedona, Cape Cod, Disney World, Houston, Florida, New York, New Hampshire, the Berkshires, Newport, and many others. These vacations were combinations of family trips, just Ashely and I, as well as travels with friends. While each were fun, they all offered unique experiences, from off-roading in the desert to eating breakfast with Mickey Mouse. And similarly to 2018, 2019 started off on the right foot, beginning with a quick trip, not too far from home.

If you haven’t been or seen an advertisement for the Great Wolf Lodge, you are likely in the minority. I cannot put a finger on when I had initially seen or heard of this place, but I found myself there with Ashley and her family this past weekend to take a break from winter. All I knew about this resort in question was that it featured an indoor water park. In the spirit of surprise, I decided to conduct no further research and go into this weekend vacation blind.  

First off, the resort is huge and packed with activities. While the characters are not the ‘Disney-type,’ the hype and excitement was just the same. The waterpark was actually very fun--the kids had a blast and the wave pool had real waves. They also had a set of water slides that were geared towards adults… and I must admit, they were pretty exciting! At one point we were going so fast I thought that we were bound to tip over. Fortunately, we did not.

After spending hours in the water park, the arcade took our attention. It’s funny how the most basic games are still the most popular. I cannot tell you how much money was spent on Skee Ball, the claw crane game (yes, I won a bunch of toys and my brother-in-law was ‘excited’ to bring them home to give to his kids), basketball, and Down-a-Clown. While my nieces and nephew were the focus, we adults found time to get in a few rounds in ourselves! Ashley and I had stockpiled approximately 1,300 tickets by Sunday morning before departure. 

Looking back, 2018 was a great year. It is fun to see different places, experience new things, and enjoy it with the people I care about most. As you all have fun and see the world, please share your stories – it’s always great to have suggestions on different places to explore.


Until next time…