Has spring sprung yet?

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

You would think that in the 60th spring of my life, that I’d have caught on by now. But just like a child playing with a Jack-in-the-box, each year the spring weather makes me wonder when… the leaves will pop out, it will be safe to plant some herbs and vegetables, and the harbor fills up with boats.

It should be no surprise that with spring almost 2/3 gone, that we still will get a frost warning or two. By the time we are reading this, it will be almost 80 degrees in the Boston area for a stretch of a few days.  With the very Seattle like weather that we’ve been experiencing… spring will most definitely be sprung and the trees and flowers should go absolutely nuts by this weekend.

And that’s all good for my fellow gardeners out there. I’ve been itching to get some holes dug and my herbs and hot pepper plants going. Although fellow enthusiasts may be more cautious and wait for the frost season to officially end around memorial day, I’m going to go for it this weekend and see if I can cheat mother nature out of a couple of weeks and get an earlier harvest. For the past few years, I’ve closely watched the 10 day forecasts, and have done well with my frost forecasting and not losing much to my ambitious head starts.

This year will be different. The theme for this year’s garden will be less is more. With limited space while we adjust to smaller living quarters, this year will be a little break from the typical weekend warrior type of gardening that I’m used to. I’m going to use this year to get used to a new location and really figure out where the best location will be for a garden, and spend the remainder of this year prepping for next year while this year’s plantings live in pots or some other smaller bed area.

I may have to buy the peppers for this year’s batch of hot pepper relish, but the few that we get from our own garden along with a healthy variety of herbs will be plenty for my cooking needs. The basil was started indoors, and while there isn’t enough for pesto yet, there is plenty to steal a leaf here and there for garnish or a fresh tomato.

And my closing words this week are words of caution. While gardening is hardly dangerous, deer ticks and too much sun are. Especially with the mild start to winter, this spring is expected to be a bumper crop of ticks and therefore Lyme disease. Use bug spray and keep yourself covered up!