Heading West!

US Wealth Napolitano |

By Alex Weiss

I am about a week away from taking flight to San Francisco and wine country for some rest and relaxation. Planning this vacation was unique in many ways and the first was the feedback from people reading the newsletter about places to visit while in that part of the country. I received two piece of unanimous advice that I took to heart for our trip next Saturday.

The first part was on our stay in San Francisco itself. The advice was to stay in the Union Square area and experience as much of the city as possible. Go on the trollies, try the local cuisine, and most importantly enjoy the consistent weather. Much to my surprise, the city does not get too hot that time of year and it is similar to some of the recent weekend weather we had in New England.

The second part of the advice was to enjoy any/all parts of wine country and the surrounding landscapes. It is interesting to hear the difference between some of the larger vineyards versus the smaller locations. I will test all of the detailed notes people gave me – but everyone said you have to at least try one of each. We will be in the middle of Sonoma County renting a small home for a few days right near the Rodney Strong Vineyards. That will likely be our choice for the larger establishment – and we are still on the lookout to determine which will be of the smaller variety.

We have other fun things on our agenda which include a stop to see the Golden Gate National Parks as well as the Armstrong Redwood State Reserve. My original thought was to see the Redwood National Forest – but that is over 4 hours north of where we are staying! Too much driving for a relatively short trip.

Ironically enough, we plan on white water rafting while we are in California. Yes, there is a drought, but we did confirm with the company more than once that they have plenty of water in the rivers that they use to ensure a day full of fun! It has something to do with releasing the dam levy every weekend right around the day we plan to raft the 2-3 class rapids. I am still skeptical that they might have to cancel – but we shall see. This is one of those activities that I wish I did more and when our friends suggested it, we happily booked it.

I will be away for a week and plan to come back all rested and recharged. I hope to also have a few great pictures to share of drinking wine, hanging out with 200 year old trees, and potentially visiting a jail like the monopoly guy –Alcatraz of course! 

Thank you for all of the tips you have given us as it has been very helpful and informative while creating the agenda.

Until next time…