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By: Alex Weiss, CFP®

A wise man once told me, some people eat to live and others live to eat. Personally, I fall in both camps while enjoying going to restaurants and making dinner at home. As most of you know by now, I am very much a morning person and enjoy my daily routine of waking up early, working out, then starting my day. Over the past few months with all these wedding activities; dance lessons, menu tastings, stamping invitations, and so on – our routines have been disrupted. We noticed that some weeks we are trying to figure out dinner on the way home rather than planning out our meals with the Sunday grocery store visit (which I am sure is common for a lot of us).

This past Valentine’s Day, Ashley decided to get me a weekly at home food delivery service. You have a ton of options and types of services – but we went the ‘prepare it yourself’ route. How it works is on Monday night we receive a large box with all of our ingredients for three meals. The protein is on the bottom over a large ice pack with the vegetables and other items above. For three of the five nights that week, all we need to do is pull out the instructions, chop, slice, bake or pan fry whatever is on the menu for that evening. Pretty simple, very fresh, and enjoyable as we are not stuck with the same meals week in week out.

You are not stuck with just one choice of what company to use because of this small trend emerging. You have multiple online companies that each have their own twist on the service – even Tom Brady just launched his own line! While not truly knowing the difference between all the companies, we like the one we are using for a few main reasons. The first is that we save some time in the grocery store each week. With all the activities we have going on right now, it is a nice break. The second reason is that we are not obligated to sign up for consecutive weeks for any period of time. We only use it some weeks while others we will still head to the grocery store. This flexibility helps because of the inconsistency of our schedules and the desire not to eat out every night.

The last is that we get to choose our options for what types of food we would like. For example, if we get three meals for the week, we have a selection of 6 to choose from. All we have to do is pick our options the Thursday prior to delivery. If not, you just get the default which is still great. We are slowly adding in new favorites which helps us mix up our meals when we shop at a food store.

While this is not life changing, it sure is life enhancing. If you are interested to hear more about this just give me a call – I am always available.

Until next time…