Holiday Gift Ideas Part 2

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By: Jenn Kovalski

As those who sit around my desk at work know, I can easily run off 10 ideas for them to buy their loved ones. While everyone knows, receiving gifts is clearly not the most important part of any holiday, it is an aspect that can’t really be escaped by many. So if you find yourself stumped on what to gift a loved one, here are a few ideas to get your own creative flow going. And- if this isn’t enough, my article from last year offers even more ideas.

If you are looking to gift an experience, tennis, golf, stand up paddle boarding lessons are always an option. So are concert or football game tickets. A few years ago, my sister, cousins and I took my mom and aunt to one of those Paint and Sip classes (they have them everywhere). You essentially have a few cocktails and are instructed how to paint a picture. Everyone attempts the same picture, but no one piece looks identical to the other. It resulted in a lot of laughs, some new artwork and memories.

There are a million types of "create your own... kit" and some are ingenious and one of a kind. Hot sauce, cheese, whatever! Creating your own Reel Viewer is also a very thoughtful gift. Most people had them as kids, but to personalize it? That is pretty cool.

For the foodies, a Sous Vide. This is the hot topic of the Nap Team at the moment. Almost every restaurant cooks meat this way. It is fool proof, and allows no error, maximizing their efficiency and quality control. It’s also small and super easy to use. Both Tom Fletcher and Tom Schulte swear by it. If you like your steak cooked a particular way, it will come out perfect, every time.

If you have someone who loves the outdoors, maybe a kayak or fishing rod. There are plenty of sales happening right now that offer some significant discounts. Another option could be a solar charger. It charges itself from the sun, and you in turn can charge your mobile device (or whatever you want). Perfect for beach bums, boaters, hikers and campers.

For women, jewelry is always an easy go to. But if they love fashion or beauty items, maybe a subscription to Birchbox, or Stitchfix is a surprise they would love.

There are always options to get a framed map of their home town or favorite vacation spot. Wine and whiskey glasses can also be customized and etched with a map of their city, marathon routes, and many other options.

If you need any ideas, please give me a shout, I am full of them!