House Hunters

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By: Alex Weiss, CFP®

Advice comes in all different shapes and sizes. I have received a lot over the past year mainly because of my marriage to Ashley this past May. One piece of advice was (if possible) not to get married and try to buy a house at the same time. Many characterize those two events as the most stressful time in people’s lives. While Ashley and I l carefully and took the advice, the separation between the two pivotal moments were as back-to-back as possible. It comes with a good story... let me explain.

After our amazing honeymoon, we had a long day of travel coming back to Boston. We had quite large bags that were carrying two weeks of clothes, hats, bathing suits, and all of the Italian gifts we could find! The next morning as I start to unpack our bags and reality sunk in, Ashley turns to me and states, “I think our condo is getting a little small, we should look into getting a bigger place.” It may have been the fact that some of our hotel rooms were larger than our ‘cozy’ condo, but it took me just a few seconds to agree with her.

For those of you who know me well, you are likely not surprised it took me just a few hours to take this small idea and start my research and spreadsheets – I was officially a house hunter. We started our strategy for new plan and realized that we had to remodel our kitchen to maximize the value of our current place.  A few weeks later as we ordered the cabinets, counters, pulls, sink, and all the other items for the kitchen, we decided to get a little more heavily into our research phase and start physically looking at properties, as the internet can only do so much. After visiting several, we found this one property in a prime location, but would require a bit of work. We couldn’t afford it at the listing price, but in our opinion, it was overpriced. Nonetheless, we put it on our list to monitor to compare to similar properties in the neighborhood.

As we continued our research and visited more properties, out comes the old kitchen, and in comes the new. With the help of Ashley, my dad, and father-in-law (all at various times) – everything was on schedule. But halfway through the projects, Ashley and I decided to go back to the property we saw that was overpriced to place a lowball offer. We figured why not… the worst they will say is no. Much to our real estate agent’s surprise, they decided to negotiate and we ended up striking a deal. Only minor detail…. we needed to sell our place in two weeks and the kitchen remodel wasn’t done yet! After a few long nights and weekends, we were able to finish the kitchen and put the condo on the market. Just over a week later, we accepted an offer to make the whole thing work.

We just heard last night our moving date is October 28th and we are excited to gain some space! After we complete the work needed on the new place, we will welcome any visitors in the South End for cocktails and dinner!


Until next time…