If you’re outside, it’s a picnic

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: Alex Weiss, CFP® 


Last week’s summer solstice served as a reminder to get outside and enjoy the warm weather and late sunsets while they’re here. We continue to get creative as many of the usual June activities are hard to accomplish with the COVID-19 restrictions still in effect. We began with car picnics (when take-out was the only option) to celebrate

Ashley’s birthday. Now we needed to think even more outside of the box to spice up our usual walks around the neighborhood. 

One thing that Ashley, Natalie and I did recently, was have a good ol’ fashioned picnic in a ‘park.’ I would call it more of a quiet, grassy area with a few benches and trees, but the town calls it a park, so I digress. Even though we ate the same food we normally do, it was a great break from staying at home to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. One item we find most useful is our waterproof blanket. It makes adventures like this much easier!

Another nifty gadget we purchased a couple years ago was an outdoor projector and screen (to set against a house or fence) and we intend to set it up at our new home in Westwood. While the projector is nice, you also want to make sure you have the audio situation figured out. The first time around the movie looked great, but we couldn’t find an ideal speaker set up to hear it. Thankfully, Amazon Prime and next day delivery came to the rescue! Add some delicious food off the grill and an iced cold drink, and you have a perfect ending to a summer day. It is kind of like a picnic, just a little upgraded with modern amenities.

The next picnic will be at our newly renovated home in Westwood, as we are ready to move in any day now. Cross your fingers that we get the occupancy permit!


Until next time…