The Italian Way

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By: Alex Weiss, CFP®

Not too long ago, Ashley and I were in Italy enjoying the Italian way of life. We thoroughly enjoyed the slower pace there, constantly eating, and having a beverage in between all of the wonderful sights. Being 50% Italian (after all, my mother’s maiden name is Moscardelli), it is only natural that I adopt and embrace the Italian way of life from time to time.

This past weekend, Ashley and I decided to meet some of our good friends in the North End. Once we arrived, we were surprised to learn that it was the celebratory Feast of Madonna Della Cava. It was located on the back end of Hanover Street with food carts, live music, and carnival games. While it was not quite the same as our time in Italy, it was quite enjoyable to be outside with an arancini (fried rice ball) and a beer.

This feast was not the biggest or the most impressive, but if you do not like overcrowded streets this is for you! If you have ever been to the more well-known Saint Anthony’s Feast, this celebration is only a fraction of the size. However, they still have food stands to get a fresh oyster, clam, or any type of pasta you want! No one in our group wanted to test the freshness of the oysters or clams, but it didn’t stop the many other people in attendance.

What really brought me back to my childhood was the carnival games – they had all of the classics! The bottle ring toss, darts to pop the balloons, and the target water gun race. In style, Ashley wanted to give the balloon pop a try. Much to our delight, Ashley was successful and went 3-for-3. The size of her prize was underwhelming, but at least we got something out of the deal.

We hope to make it back at the end of August for the feast of Saint Anthony, but celebrating the Madonna Della Cava Feast was a wonderful way to spend a perfect day outside in Boston.


Until next time…