It’s About the Bike

US Wealth Napolitano |

Many moons ago in my former life as an equity trader, we were rewarded for being imprisoned on the trading desk all day by having lunches brought in to the trading room kitchen.  Typically these weren’t your run of the mill tossed salads or ham-and-cheese-on -rye sandwiches. Instead they happened to be pizzas from Regina’s, Mexican burritos from Chipotle, or Blue Ribbon Barbeque buffets.  As an added bonus (and to my delight) many lunches also included large batches of “pancake cookies” – cookies with the approximate circumference of a good sized grapefruit.   Those who know me understand that my appetite for chocolate chip cookies is simply legendary.  So it came as no surprise that my waistline eventually started to inflate at a faster rate than our economy.  In fact, over a period of several years, I found that I had gained over 50 pounds in body mass.

After my son was born I recall one day looking at myself in the mirror and declaring war on the flab. Thank goodness that I discovered biking as a form of aerobic exercise.  Not only was it easy on my joints, but it got me outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. It also allowed me to burn hundreds of calories a day. In due course, I worked my endurance up to over 100 miles of road biking a week and I began to shed some of those excess pounds. Over a two year period by riding regularly and watching my food intake, I was able to lose all of the trading weight that I had gained.

Riding in the city has ups and mostly downs. Ups are the hills, and the obvious negatives are stop lights, pot holes, pedestrians, and traffic. Some unexpected obstacles can include rodents, car doors, wind gusts, and subways. Several years ago I found myself re-routed to an unfamiliar street due to a road construction project.   Not paying very close attention to the traffic, I realized that I had a city bus directly behind me. As I accelerated to get out of its way, my front wheel got locked in a trolley track and I flipped over the handlebars directly into a busy intersection.  Fortunately no broken bones and just my pride was wounded; though it is an experience that I will likely never forget.

Based on conversations we have had, many of our clients enjoy spending time on their bikes as well.  We would encourage you to share your biking stories with us.  Perhaps we could arrange a US Tour De Wealth, followed by pancake cookies! 

This article was written by Tom Fletcher.