It’s Game time!

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By: Jenn Kovalski

Being from New England, I am naturally a rabid Patriots fan. In my house, the world stops during game time, the Kovalski’s do not mess around. We text each other snip-its about upcoming games to get ourselves pumped up all week. The picture is my sister who somehow finagled her way into a youth football camp so she could meet Julian Edelman). We are so serious in that there are generally assigned seats, and we all can get superstitious at times. For example, my uncle (who is the nicest guy in the world, and a Patriots fan) used to come over occasionally to watch games with us. Then we realized, that every time he had come over for a game in the last few years, the Pats had lost the game, this is including the infamous perfect season Super Bowl game loss to the New York Giants. So in order to right this bad ‘juju’ as they say, we invited him over for the first game of the season to set the tone a few years back. What I am about to tell you in verbatim what happened.

My uncle descended the stairs to the basement. It was the first offensive series of the game.  I glance away from the television to see my uncle’s legs appearing down the steps and I say hello. The announcer simultaneously says “Brady is down! Tom Brady is hurt!” Tom Brady laid crumpled on the turf with a torn ACL. I blame Bernard Pollard who was the tackler, and I also blame the fact my uncle was in the same vicinity. So as a result, we have avoided all big games with my uncle citing the Super Bowl loss and injury to the greatest quarterback of all time.

One thing that has evolved is how I watch the game (and all sports). I am a competitive person. However I used to be emotional, now I am a calm spectator. My sister and boyfriend however are extreme yellers, and at times hard to watch the game with.

I think my change to calmness is due to when I coached basketball for several years. I realized not every shot is going to go in, there will be mistakes, but games are cumulative, if you end up with more positive plays then negative, your team is probably going to be able to compete well with just about anyone. However, this rational thinking does not resolve everything involving my uncle. It is just beyond coincidence at this point!

I am looking forward to the games this weekend. My uncle will not be in attendance. Go Pats!