It's A Girl!

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Alex Weiss, CFP®


Ashley and I welcomed our baby girl, Natalie this past Saturday, August 10th. We are very fortunate that everything went as smoothly as possible and everyone is healthy. Before I share pictures and tell you how much I already love our newest addition to the family, I have to give a shout out to my wife/Natalie’s mother (and really all mothers).


Having now gone through the process, it is quite amazing what mothers do for their children before they can even say ‘I love you’ back. It hit me the hardest right after the delivery (which is quite an experience on its own), as Ashley could still muster up the energy to make sure our little girl was loved, fed, and welcomed into this new world. I had respect for mothers and parents before, but I have an entirely new outlook and appreciation for this. As a side note, thank you to my mom (now Natalie’s Nana) and Ashley’s mother (now Natalie’s Sitho) for helping us out along the way!


Everyone kept telling me that I would instantly love and protect this baby of ours – and they got that one 100% correct. I was also told I would drive much differently when our baby is in the car on the way home from the hospital – and they nailed that as well! It is pretty hard to put feelings into words and I could go on and on about this. Instead, I will share a few of our favorite pictures in the first 2+ weeks as we welcome Ms. Natalie into our family.


Until next time….