It's Snow Joke

US Wealth Napolitano |

Just like everyone else in the Boston area, I'm sick and tired of this seemingly endless winter.  Shoveling 12 inches here, 18 inches there, and having to watch meteorologists predicting the next plowable storm a few days away has become the new normal. I keep changing the television channel hoping for a different forecast, but to no avail. I recall the saying when it rains during the winter season- "imagine if this rain were all snow".  Well now we know!

In the city, we've literally run out of places to put all the snow and you will be fined if your sidewalk hasn't been properly cleared. Unfortunately for the Fletchers, during the first Super Bowl storm, there were about six cars on our entire block and two of them parked directly in front of our home, one closely behind the other. The cars have remained. This has added an extra step removing snow from our walk.  Instead of just tossing the snow out into the street, we are now required to carry it over to one of my adjacent neighbor's snow piles. They of course are contributing to the ever growing piles as well. 

We've got a flat roof and I've been concerned about what all that accumulate snow can do to our building's structure. Over the weekend I hired a fellow with a strong back to shovel off part of it. Due to our home's configuration, he had to throw it into our landlocked courtyard. Nobody really wants to talk about the "M word" much, but what happens when it all m, m, ....melts? Egads. Well the good news is that at this rate, it probably won't happen to July at the earliest.

Speaking of warmer weather, I've set my razor aside and officially begun my vigil. No significance to the date, but beginning Valentine's Day, I decided that I won't shave until the outside temperature exceeds 32 degrees for a 24 hour period.  Looking at the long-term forecast, I may have a pretty good beard going by next shave. Next time you’re in our office, if you see an old guy with salt and pepper stubble that looks like he just got back from a fishing trip with his buddies, it's likely me.  

This article was written by Tom Fletcher.