It's a trick, right?

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: Jenn Kovalski

Here we are nearly eight full months later of COVID-19 life. A highly anticipated Presidential election is somehow still upon us. Halloween and Daylight Savings fall on the same Saturday. Any one of these events can put the most mentally strong over the edge, let alone the combination of all three in a seemingly unlikely coincidence. If it was also a Full Moon, a non-superstitious person like myself may even take cover too. All of these circumstances have led many of us to think that we are over-due for something positive and great, and for about 40 minutes last week, that’s just what happened to me.

It was a typical Monday evening. I had just finished work and had begun preparing dinner when my husband, John walked into the

kitchen looking slightly confused, but also excited. Earlier in the day, he had a meeting, and on his way home had stopped for gas, and picked up two lottery drawing tickets.

He showed me his ticket, and pulled out his phone, which started to play the drawing’s recording from the lottery website. It is our numbers exactly. 9-1-9-1. Knowing John, I immediately dismissed it as a more elaborate prank than he typically tries to pull. After insisting I Google it, I did, and the numbers on that date and the date on the ticket read 9-1-9-1. The prize for these exact numbers was $4,000. Now I was excited- I had seen some items at the Serena and Lily sale that suddenly may be coming into play.

I immediately called my dad, who plays a daily numbers drawing on the regular to seek his semi-professional opinion. I sent him a picture of the ticket, and he agreed, everything that was supposed to match up did. The only thing he pointed out was that he didn’t see a barcode on the ticket, but it did have all of the watermarks and disclosures. This observation sent us down the proverbial rabbit hole of internet research. Why didn’t we have a barcode on the ticket? More accusations flew of John trying to trick me into thinking we had won.

As it turned out, John was given the ticket report of the winning numbers already drawn that day, not an actual ticket. I have chalked it up to two men trying to communicate with masks on through a plexi-glass wall between them. So we did not win, but for a while, we really thought we did. While it wasn’t a huge sum of money, and by the time taxes were taken out, it probably would have been enough for half of a Peloton bike, it was still a happy break from the norm!