Jenn's Ice Cream Days

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By: Jenn Kovalski

The days prior to joining the Nap Team, I was coaching basketball as well as working as the manager of a successful restaurant, Farfar’s Danish Ice Cream Shop. Farfar’s is famous in its own way. The shop has been featured on Chronicle, TV Diner, in a movie scene, and countless newspapers and magazines. The ice cream is ‘Danish’ due to two main reasons 1- The owner is Danish and 2- The high butterfat content. All of the ice cream is made in one machine, in house daily. It is a vertical machine, and is literally the only machine of its kind in the world. I know this because the company manufactured only two of them 35 years ago, and the other machine is owned by Farfar’s (it no longer works and we used it to supplement parts).

It is a job with memories that I hold very close to my heart. In the summer, I was in charge of roughly 20+ teenaged girls, (which is exactly where I honed my patience for coaching). I loved everything about that job, the shop was my second home. As crazy as it could be being a boss to all girls was during summer vacation, it was a blast. My sister and three cousins also worked there. At any given shift, I was related to at least one other person working. This was also awesome because I was their boss, and they HAD to listen to me. It was not uncommon to get a call at 3am from one of the kids who worked a night shift who “couldn’t sleep because she thought she left the hot fudge machine on” or “Oops! I left the skylight is open and its starting to thunder” and I would have to drag myself out of bed and drive to the shop only to find that not only was the fudge machine properly turned off, but the skylight was shut too. There were also theme nights (See ‘The Village People’ theme night with left to right: my sister, my cousin, my boss, myself and two coworkers).

People may think working at an ice cream shop is easy- let me tell you it is hard work. You are on your feet for 8 hours straight, it’s hot in the summer (we can’t run the AC, or too many fans because it melts the ice cream), and there is a lot of heavy lifting. The bonuses: you burn so much energy during a shift, you can enjoy a cone after without any guilt. Your bicep gets really big from scooping (only your dominant hand’s bicep though). You can also work night shifts allowing you to go to the beach during the day in heatwaves.

After 11 years, my boss became a great friend and mentor. I learned lot about how to run a successful business from her example and we regularly stay in touch. After spending 11 years working together we have a great friendship.

If you are in the area this summer, driving to or from the Cape, grab a cone at Farfar’s, its less than 10 minutes off the exit!